Website Development

At THL design we believe in excellence and exclusive standards when it comes to website development. The style as well as the coding is exactly in line with the demand of the customers so that long term relationship is maintained and the full value of money is delivered.

Designing Services

THL design develops websites, leaflets, flyers posters and on demand products for its clients. At THL design the professionals have over a decade of experience to meet the needs and demands of the customers regarding any kind of printing.

Search Engine Optimization

THL design definitely knows the power of raking the website and therefore our SEO services are dedicated for all those who want to keep their rankings high for long period of time. Our SEO services are state of the art and use legit techniques to satisfy the search engines.

Ecommerce Development

Whether you are a wholesaler, retailer or just a service provider THL design makes sure that your eCommerce shines like a star. From sports to clothing stores our creative designers and domain experts combine their strategies and work to shape your eCommerce services in the best interest of your business. Common online stores are really complex as they have multiple payment processes integrated with products and other features of the store however our designers remove all performance anxiety and provide you with the best possible outcome in relation to eCommerce service establishment. Trust our abilities as we are among the few companies that are certified in eCommerce development and management.

Promotional Videos

THL design knows that the world is becoming extremely digitalized and therefore we emphasize on making promotional videos in a manner that reflect your product and create brand awareness. THL design in this regard makes sure that the video is formatted according to the needs of your business. Formatting the videos according to your brands is something that we do at our very best. Our professionals work closely with your business executives to create the best outcome in this regard. Increased sales and major market share is always considered before we begin such project for your business. We work closely on every piece of information you provide so that the videos can engage with your target audience.

Customized EBay Templates

THL design is a name of best and high quality customized EBay templates that burst the EBay sales in a short period of time. Our customized templates provide following features to boost sales in a highly positive manner: Cross browser compatibility, Easy navigation links at the top, Dynamic features and Image and feature optimization. Our templates make sure that your business stand out of crowd and attract much more customers as compared to other stores that are operating online. The EBay templates designed by us provide you a tailor made shop front that matches the needs and wants of your business and allow you to get a step ahead taking your business to next level. With easy and optimized features the customized EBay templates designed by us also make the navigation easy for the customers so that they never move to your competitors.

Mobile Application Development

Our diverse experience in the field of mobile application development makes it possible for our clients to trust us. Our application development team comprises of tech savvy professionals who make sure that highest standards are maintained.

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THL design knows the power of social media.
Our services are directed to make the brand more prominent so that more customers are reached. From Facebook to Google+ we cover all major social media platforms of the internet.

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